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A Place to Call Home - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Follow Lawan

Follow Lawan to Metro: Downtown Court. There is a Mementos Collectible "Second Page of a Comic Book" at the lowest level of the station by the tracks in the small room. It's on the table.

Keep following her to the top of the building where you get a Paraglider.
Next is the Paragliding Tutorial. Follow her until the objective changes.

2 - Activate the electrical substation. / Get inside the building

Interact with the door of the substation and a cutscene will start with the Peacekeepers. After the fight, and another chat with them, climb inside the building. Startpoint is a little broun ventilation hut on the ground floor.

Climb the scaffolding and jump towards the yellow pipes. Climb on top of the horizontal yellow pipes and get to the wooden platform.
Then use the vertical yellow pipe to get to the other side and inside.

3 - Connect 3 cables inside the Electrical Substation.

You have to find 3 green power pillars and connect them with their number red counterpart.

Green Pillar 1 is on ground level - Red Pillar 1 is also on ground level.
Climb the barricade between the two pillars to connect the cable.

Green Pillar 2 is on the second floor (the floor you get to when entering the building first time) - Red Pillar 2 is on the same level but on the other side of the building.
Use the ropes in the center part to get across in a shorter line.

Green Pillar 3 is in the basement - Red Pillar 3 is on ground level.
Use the elevator shaft to connect those two.

Then take the elevator up to the control room and activate the Electrical Substation.

4 - Meet Lawan at the Fish Eye. / Ask for Lawan in the Fish Eye.

Lawan is waiting at the Fish Eye. Ask the barkeeper.

5 - Go after Lawan / Defend the Fish Eye

Lawan didn't go far. After the chat with Frank, help to defend the Fish Eye.
First, eliminate the Renegades at the entrance.

Then, disable the cannon on the first roof within 2 minutes.
Take the zipline down. There is an elevator you can take to the roof.

Next, Eliminate the Renegades on the lower floor.

Then, disable the cannon on the second roof within 2 minutes.
Again, there is an elevator you can take to the rooftop.

Then, disable the cannon on the third roof
Take the glider down. There is a steel girder you can walk across to take the elevator up.
After, take the glider down to Help Lawan in the Fish Eye.
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