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All Graffiti Collectables - Dying Light 2: Stay Human

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A Bag of Cash

It's in the southwestern corner of Downtown.
Right opposite is the Graffity Heart vs. Money

Birds of Curse

The graffiti is south of the Juniper Windmill at Garrison.


It's in the northern part of Houndfield, north east of the Saint Joseph Medical Radio Relay.


The graffiti is on one of the Walls of the "Metropolitan Art Gallery" Landmark at Muddy Grounds.

Crouching Monster, Hidden Biter

It's in the western part of Quarry End, south of the Cadet Academy.


The graffiti is in the north western part of Quarry End. It's west of the Uniform Workshop.

Dirty Money

It's right below the Elm Windmill, Muddy Grounds. Access at street level.

Heart vs. Money

It's in the southwestern corner of Downtown.
Right opposite is the Graffity A Bag of Cash

Hell Hound

This Graffiti is at the small building that is next to the Saint Paul Electrical Station, Saint Paul Island.

Hunting for Hunters

The graffiti is in the Saint Paul Island Territory, close to the border to the Lower Dam Ayre Territory, east of the Rooftop School.


It's south of the Fish Eye. Coming right from Fish Eye, there is a beam you can walk across to get to a lift. The graffiti is next to it.

Living Dead Girl

The graffiti is in the north western part of Quarry End, south west of the Uniform Workshop.


This Graffiti can be found at Maya's location in the main quest "The Only Way Out".
It's inside a building in the Horseshoe Territory. Access is through a roof window.

Mechanical Animals

It's just south of the Trading Post at Horseshoe. North of the Maple Windmill.

Money Money Money

This graffiti is north east of the Oak Windmill at Quarry End.

Out of Blue

It's on a tall white wall north west of the Birch Windmill, Houndfield.

Peace of Mind

This in the south of Houndfield. Best to do it with the nearby Side Quest "The Scarecrow Queen", where a woman only remembered a naked woman and a tree - this tattoo...


The graffiti is in the inner courtyard of this housing block, south of the Cadet Academy, Quarry End.

Red Rat Run

In the south west of The Quarry End Territory, where the Waypoint marker is on the map screenshot, is a open hatch on ground level going down.
Follow the way in the dark until you can unlock a door to an abandoned subway station. The graffiti is here.

Shadow of the Nightrunners

The Graffiti can be found outside, north or the Bazaar, east of the Safe Zone.


This graffiti is east of the Uniform Workshop at Quarry End. The pickup box is a bit hard to spot. It's in the high grass near the metal vent.

Temper Temper

This Graffiti can be found in the Horseshoe Territory.
It's on the roof of the small building west of the THV Genomics Center.

The Doors

It's on the top floor of an apartment building in the north of Muddy Grounds.

United in Fun - Everyone Can Play!

In the north of Trinity is a former soccer field turned into field hospital with helicopter pad. That's where it is.

Your Whole World is a Bulka

It's at the huge northern outside wall of the THV Genomics Center, Horseshoe.
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