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All Mementos Collectables - Part 1 - Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying Light 2 > Collectables

There are 117 Mementos Collectibles
Order as they appear in the Game's Collectables Menu Section. "Same kinds" are bundled.

Infected Playing Card - Ace of Hearts - Volatile

This Playing Card is at the Fish Eye Canteen, New Dawn Park.
It's on a table at the bar.

Infected Playing Card - King of Spades - Goon

Complete the Infected Intelligence Quiz Side Quest at Horseshoe to get this card as reward.

Infected Playing Card - King of Clubs - Rampage

At the PK Floating Fortress, The Wharf. At entrance level, where the shops are is a little shelf with a lot of shoes. The card is inside this shelf.

Infected Playing Card - Ace of Hearts - Volatile

It's at Jack & Joe's Camp, Horseshoe. It's inside the most outer bandit building that has loot.
Inside a book.

Infected Playing Card - Ace of Spades - Demolisher

The card is inside an apartment of a survivor. Access is marked by a yellow flag (looks like a small settlement). Entrance door is on the roof.

Infected Playing Card - Ace of Diamonds - Revenant

This card can be picked up in the Story Quest "Orders". It's in the skyscraper, where you free the PK. In the same room where you meet Rowe to hand over the oders.

Infected Playing Card - Ace of Clubs - Howler

Enter the main building of the Stronghold at Newfound Lost Lands.
At ground floor, in the room with the set table, there is a little table at the back with playing cards.

Playing Card - Joker - Steve's Business Card

Pick up the Side Mission "The Deserter" at the PK Floating Fortress, The Wharf.
At some stage you are sent to a farm to investigate a nearby apartment near the Fish Eye Canteen.
This card is on the upstairs bed.

Aiden's Dating Card

This is the Reward for the Side Quest "The Matchmaker", which you can pick up at the Bakery, Trinity.
Card 1 is at Jack & Joe's Camp in the break room on the table.
Card 2 is best to be done at night. The location is marked with the quest marker and at location with a magnifying glass.
Card 1 Video Time; 04:49
Card 2 Video Time: 05:08

Letter - Helen's Testimony

This is the location you are sent to when picking up the Side Quest "The Rose Garden" at the Cadet Academy, Quarry End.
This is "the old Lady's" house in the south of Quarry End.

Letter - Helen's Testimony

The letter can be found in the skyscraper north of the Fish Eye Canteen, New Dawn Park. You can take an elevator to the building next to it and then climb up one floor.

Letter from H to L

This is in the box with the shoes you need to get for Lawan in "The Shoe" Story Quest.

Newspaper Article - October 11th, 2020

This collectable can be found on the kitchen table of the very first house you enter with Spike in the "Pilgrim's Path" Main Quest.
The map is not yet available in this quest.

Newspaper Article - March 7th, 2021

The newspaper is on the checkout counter of the Forsaken Store, Quarry End.

Newspaper Article - January 23rd, 2022

In the Story Quest "Veronika" you will meet Veronika at the Dam. The newspaper is right next to where she stands.

The official Metro map from Villedor City Transportation

It's in the kitchen of the Metro station close to the PK Floating Fortress. You get there the fastest way with Fast Travel.

Avery's Map

This is picked up during the Side Quest "To Kill or Not to Kill". The Quest Giver is in the Fish Eye Canteen.

Letter - Good Bye Letter

This collectable can be found on the kitchen table of the very first house you enter with Spike in the "Pilgrim's Path" Main Quest.
The map is not yet available in this quest.

The Tunnel Assignment

This collectable is at the car factory "Auto Plant" south west of the Quarry End Territory.
Best, to pick it up while doing the "Let's Waltz" Story Quest.
It's in the room on the first floor, where you climb in from the ground floor.

The Central Loop Clear and Hold

This collectable is high up in the hotel you are sent to deliver orders. It's in the part of the Quest, where you free PK from the Renegades.
It's on the second floor inside of the building.

The Center Sweep

This Memento is in a box on the roof top of the bandit camp you get to when doing the "The Lost Light" Story Quest.

The Power Outage Mandate

This Collectable is inside a small box on the floor in the building east of the Garrison Electrical Station, Garrison.

The Elias Inquiry

It's on the open roof of a bandit camp. You get to it when doing the "Renegades" Side Quest after the "Orders" Story Quest.
It's inside a box.

The Carrier's Guild Assault

During the Side Quest "Carriers X", you try to free Jack from the Renegades. You are going to a room where they have supposedly taken him.
After the fight with the Renegades, you can pick up this collectable in the room.

The Ambush Tactic

At the church at Lower Dam Ayre, where you go to meet Hakon in the "Nightrunners" Story Quest. It's at ground floor on the bench.

The Doctor Gambit

This collectable is in the location, where Veronika is supposed to be hidden in the Story Quest of the same name. Now there are Renegades.

The Kill Order

Enter the main building of the Stronghold, NewFound Lost Lands at the ground floor.
There is a set table. The collectable is on this table.

The Aiden Warning

At the Garrison Heights Bandit Camp, Garrison. Take two elevators up from the street level. The memento is on the couch.

The Pilgrim Warrant

It is in the Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp, Downtown. On one of the higher floors.

The Fortify and Await Note

The Memento is at the Heron Renegados Bandit Camp, Lower Dam Ayre.
It's at the center of camp on top of a box.

Concert Ticket for Outrageous T.H.V.

The concert ticket is at the Nightrunner's Hideout that is at the northwestern corner of the Lower Dam Ayre Territory.

Liam's drawing #1

Go to the top layer of the PK Floating Fortress, The Wharf. Where the Baracks are. The drawing is pinned to the top bunk bed.

Liam's drawing #2

Go to the top layer of the PK Floating Fortress, The Wharf and pick up the Side Quest "The Deserter".
It will lead you to a coffee shop. Follow the red tracks to this location.

Liam's drawing #3 & #4

The drawings are together on a brown couch in the skyscraper where Military Airdrop THB-FH3.
There is a settlement nearby where you can jump and climb into the building. The drawings are in this apartment.

Liam's drawing #5

Liam's drawing is east of the Fish Eye Canteen, north of the Artist Workshop and right below of the Military Airdrop THB-FH3 at New Dawn Park Territory.
It's in a room the floor.

The (end of) Times issue #1

At the very south of Quarry End is a fugitive center. You find this collectable inside a GRE container that you have to open with the key.

The (end of) Times issue #2

In the Story Quest "Nightrunners" you'll have to go to the Old Offices at Garrison Boulevard.
Enter them at the quest marker and this collectable is in this very first room.

The (end of) Times issue #3

This issue is on top of the Staint Paul Water Tower, Lower Dam Ayre.
It's in the room, where you activate the tower.

A posting from someone looking for A and E keys

Look at the "Jobs" board at the higher level of the Fish Eye Canteen.

A post from someone looking for scissors

West from the Brewery at The Wharf, right at the border to Downtown, is a lonely piece of freeway with a small settlement.
Inside the truck is this collectable.

Confidential Notice to GRE Personnel

This is the Quest reward for the "The First Biomarker" Side Quest. Pick it up at the Trading Post. You'll also get Safe Code - A note from Dr. Katsumi containing a riddle. You'll need it to open the safe.

Wedding Invitation

It's inside the Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle Landmark at Saint Paul Island.
Get inside the church and use the ropes and chandelliers to get to the top of the other side, where this piano is.

Recipe for Turn Me On

This is a reward for the Side Quest "Essentials of Survival", which can be picked up at the Pumpkin Farm at Trinity.
All you need to do is to hand over Scrap and Lavender.
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