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Broadcast - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Meet with Jack and Juan at the Fish Eye.
Wait until Jack calls you to the Canteen to talk. Then meet him and Juan at the Canteen.

2 - Talk to Lawan / Talk to Frank
Meet with Lawan and decide, if you want to talk to Frank first or not.

3 - Talk to Rowe at the VNC Tower. / Find out what is going on at the Electrical Substation.
On your way to the VNC Tower, Rowe sends you to the Electrical Substation.
There is a house next to the Electrical Substation that has a view down to the Renegades that has a Collectable "The Power Outage Mandate" in a box (first screenshot).
Then defeat the Renegades.

4 - Connect cables inside the Electrical Substation
Follow the big yellow arrow to the Substation entrance right around the corner.
There is a Green A B Generator at the entrance. Connect it to Gate A, press the button of Gate A to open.
Then, connect the cable to Gate B, press the button of Gate B to open.
Now you don't need this Generator anymore.

Inside, use the staircase to get on the top floor. There is a yellow pipe you can climb down to get to Green Generator 1 and C.
Open the locked yellow gate from this side.

Take the cable from Green Generator 1 C and connect it to Red Generator C on the other side, one level up on the third floor. Where the open door is on the screenshot.
Use the direct way. Climb up to the 3rd floor following the yellow markings.

Now you can access the safe with the Inhibitor inside. The Safe Code is inside the box. It's 314.

While we're here, we can connect Green Generator 2 (in the Gate C Room) with Red Generator 2 (in the basement).
You can jump down into the basement from the Gate C level to connect the cable.

To get out, due to the now electric water, use the open ventilator shaft in the corner of the room.

You can now disconnect Gate C from Green Generator 1 C and connect the generator with Red Generator 1.
Now take the elevator up to the control room, turn on the Substation, defeat the Renegades, turn it on again and pick your faction.

5 - Talk to Rowe at the VNC Tower
Go to the VNC Tower. Before you talk to Rowe, pick up the Collectable Tape " Tourism Office of Villedor - VNC Tower" at the Reception Desk.

6 - Enter the elevator / Go to the other tower
Talk to Wierzbowski and climb up the elevator shaft to the other floor.

Cross the room with the zombies as quietly as you can. Too many Volatiles.
Get to the next room where they can't follow.

7 - Go to the power distribution room.
Get rid of the zombies that block the way in this room. Then go through and talk to the soldier.

8 - Restore the power / check the fuses
Go through the door behind Leon and defeat Chris, loot him for his Dog Tag and turn the power on.
Check the fuses while the Infected attack. Then return back to the main switch to turn the power on.
Finally, contact Rowe and return to Leon, who is gone...

9 - Pull the cable through the basement
As always, when playing with cables, take the most direct route as possible...
Go back to the room where you turned on the power, grab the cable from Green Generator A and jump down the staircase. Direct route, right?
At the bottom you can plug it into Red Generator A.
Push the buttom to open Gate A and go through.

In the next room is Green Generator B and a flooded staircase down.
Don't take the cable yet. Instead, dive through following the cables to the other side. In between is a yellow gate you have to open, otherwise the cable won't reach. It's basically a direct line between those generators.
Now you can go get the cable to connect it with Red Generator B on the other side.

10 - Meet Rowe at the camp on the 8th floor.
Take the elevator up and talk to Rowe. He will give you the VNC Tower Blueprints Mementos Collectable.
Talk to the team to rest.

11 - Talk to Matt / Check for survivors

Talk to Matt at the elevator. After the cutscene, check the body right in front of the elevator (Hicks). Kill the infected to be able to find Wierzbowski and Hudson. For Rowe you have to scan for the red footprints to find him.

12 - Find a way out / Find the Nightrunner equipment

Get out of Rowe's final resting place and survive until Lawan finds Frank. Don't forget to pick up all the free upgrade loot! Glorious!
To find the Nightrunner equipment you need to climb up high, where the ladder is.
Look for this scaffolding platform (screenshot) and climb up. Jump onto the other - same style platform. From there you can jump onto the pillar and move to the right, while hanging on the ledge to climb up through an opening.

Here you can climb up the elevator to receive the grappling hook.

13 - Use the grappling hook to get out of the room.

First swing back from where you climbed in. Then swing across, using the oval lamps on the ceiling.
From there you can swing to the other side outside this room.

14 - Reach the top of the VNC tower

At the green room, you can either double swing using the oval lamps on the ceiling (Grapple - Jump - Grapple), or drop down and use high ground to grapple a second time. Then head upstairs for the exit.

In this section of the building you will be constantly attacked by Infected. Run and follow the marker to swing to safety.
Here you can continue your path with a swing and climbing up on the torn out parts of the building.

At the top, enter the building again. Climb further up through the elevator.

You should now reach an area with UV Lights and an Inhibitor box.
Exit through the door to get another cutscene.

Have a look at the broken bridge / crossing. Jack contacts you and gives you the idea to use the crane. Turn on the generator at the base of the crane to move it and use the steel girder to grapple over.

In the "Red Lobby" climb up the metal frame. Then use the lower oval lamp to grapple over to the other side.

On this side, look around. There is a torn up wall again where you can climb up.
From here you can grapple to the metal frame on the other side of the room.

Jump up to a higher beam from here and grapple to the torn up wall on the other side.

Cross the room with the UV light and climb up the metal frame on the other side.
Then do a double-grapple across.

Climb up to a room full of Infected. You can cross it by using the long lamps on both sides of the room.
Follow the corridor to a room with UV light and an exit to the outside.
Here you can climb up further using the broken wall. At the top of the broken wall, use grapple on one of the oval lamps to swing up to the top where the ladder is. Drop it when you've reached it.

Continue your climb using grapple and the broken walls until you reach a pool and an entrance to the building again. Cross the building here to get to the other side with UV lamps and an exit to get outside again.
You've reached the top of the pool, where you can drop a ladder in case you fall.

Grapple and climb further up from here to get to the orange platform.
Now you can climb into the building again, cross it and climb further at the other side.

All you need now is some timing and luck to get up to the last bit with the solar panels.

Here, you can climb up in the metal bars area onto the platform and swing agross at the little cranes. The solar panel surface is slippery and you will slide all the way down again.
At the top, climb up the ladder of the antenna next to the one you need to go to. From here you can grapple over to the real deal.

Climb up the ladders as far as they reach. Then use the cylinders on the sides (have yellow markings on them) to climb up and get to the quest marker.
Interact with it and make your choice.

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