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Let's Waltz - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Deal with the sniper / Get to the Dynamo Car Factory / Get inside the tunnel

I dealt with the sniper doing the Sniper's Alley Side Quest.
On the way to the tunnel you can pick up the Memento "The (end of) Times issue #1" inside the GRE container.

You can't open the tunnel with the key. You need to climb up to the left up the mountain.
The climbing path is marked with either yellow cloth or green leaves.

At the end you'll reach the top of the tunnel and you can jump inside.

2 - Find the generator / Get rid of the threat

Go to the very end of the tunnel and push the button.
There are two generators one at each end of the tunnel. The first one is near the button you've just pushed. Turn it on.

The second generator is at the other end, where you can in to the tunnel.
Fight the zombie and then turn on the generator.

3 - Find the utility room and restore the power

Find the door with the power sign and go through it.
Then climb up the shaft into the open ventilation shaft.

At the other end, drop yourself down and plug the cable back in.

4 - Follow the traces.

Scan the area. You will see red footprints leading across the water to the door.
The door is locked but there is another ventilation shaft you can crawl through.
Climb up to the other shaft on the other side.

5 - Get back to Aitor

On the other side you can get back to Aitor.

6 - Follow Waltz into the Car Factory

Parcour your way high up until you reach the Car Factory. You're there when you see the blue bus down below.

7 - Pursue Waltz in the car factory

Now you need to climb. Get onto the car and jump over to the car on the wall.
From there you can hang onto the small cylindric lamps to get onto the square lamps. The goal is to get one level up out of the window.

From here, you can climb up into the building. The Mementos Collectable "The Tunnel Assignment" is in here.

Go down one level through the hole in the ground, and outside one level up again.
Enter the door to confront Waltz.

8 - Escape from Waltz

Now a wild chase starts with Waltz coming after you. Follow the sniper and don't look back.

9 - Follow the sniper

Now a wild chase starts with Waltz coming after you. Follow the sniper and don't look back.
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