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Missing Persons - Side Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Side Quests

1 - Meet the group offering a job.

After talking to Damien inside the church at the Bazaar, go to the quest marker on the map.
Knock on the door and go inside.

2 - Interview for the job / Kill the bandits.

Go downstairs, through the door to talk to the boss. Then defeat them.

3 - Confront Damien. / Look for Damien's brother.

Exit the building where you came in and Damien will greet you. Talk to him. Then look for Damien's brother behind the locked door that you can pick now.

4 - Look for Cliff at the Devil's Bridge / Eliminate the thugs

Go to the marker on the map. Enter the building through the roof window. Make sure to pick up the Tapes Collectable "The City Classifieds - Baltazar" on the shelf at the entrance.

Continue your way into the building. Go down one level through the hole in the floor where the turquoise box is.
At this level, look for the staircase and go down one level.

Go through the apartment and cross over to another room through gaps in the wall.
Now you should have reached the UV light location with some bandits.

Continue your way through the door at the UV light. You're now in the bandit's lair.
Talk to Cliff and eliminate the thugs.

5 - Find Cliff / Kill Cliff

Cliff is behind the door upstairs.

6 - Return to Damien / Talk to Roger / Climb the church tower.

Inside the church, talk to Roger, who is banging on the door.
You can climb the church to a point where you can look towards the tower and see a small opening at the yellow planks.
That's where you can crouch inside and climb the tower.

Climb your way up to the first platform.
From here, you can climb inside a room in the tower.

Inside a room, take the Memento "Safe Code (510)" that's hanging by the poster.
Open the safe with it and get the Tape "Carl's Journal #4"
Then climb up from this room to get to Damien.

7 - Talk Damien off the ledge.

Talk to Damien. I'm pretty sure there is a better ending then mine...
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