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Now of Never - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Escape!

Escape the Infected. Run away, follow the marker.
You are safe after the rope swing through the window.

2 - Find a way to the van.

Follow the marker downstairs and fight the Renegades.
Then, go down the elevator shaft.

3 - Get into the Stronghold

Fight the Renegades, when coming out of the elevator.
Exit through the main door and get into the van.

4 - Find the Colonel

You have to get inside the big building.
Sneak into the water and use the pipe to get up. From here, climb onto the roof.

From here, you can get inside.
The Colonel is in the "Pump Section" of the building. Follow the yellow pipe / ladder down.
Go straight ahead in the corridor, defeat the guards and meet the Colonel.
And make your decision. I decided against the Colonel.

5 - Kill the Colonel's guards. / Lower the Bulkheads

Fight the guards and lower the Bulkheads to give Matt access to the building.

6 - Search for the Colonel in the stronghold.

Follow the marker further inside the stronghold where you'll find the Colonel's wife in Waltz's quarters.
Here you'll find 3 of Waltz's Tapes Collectables.

7 - Find the Colonel in the drained district.

Meet Jack Matt outside and follow the marker through the drained district.
No use fighting the uber infected. They keep coming. Run to the location - a bunker.

8 - Find a way into the bunker / Return to Jack Matt

You can enter the bunker through a hatch on the roof.
Follow the way inside the bunker, fight the Renegades and decide what to do with the Colonel.
Then go back to Jack.
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