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Pilgrim's Path - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

Please note that the map is not available during the whole quest.

1 - Climb to the Ledge

The first part is a small jump and parcour tutorial up to the ledge to meet Spike.
Follow the path - mostly orange leaves hanging off the rocks - up. At the top, jump towards Spike. He'll help with the last bit.

1 - Follow Spike

Follow Spike through the forest until he stops, while having a conversation.

3 - Collect Honey and Chamomile

Collect honey and chamomile as indicated.
Make sure to scan the area often. Chamomile can be found uphill, while two bee hives are found straight ahead.

4 - Craft Healing Medicine

Open the crafting menu, where you learn how to craft medicine from honey and chamomile.

5 - Follow Spike

Follow Spike again until you reach the house.

6 - Search the house

Spike will tell you to enter the house from the other side.
There is one collectible on the kitchen table inside the house.
As soon as you open the back door of the kitchen, Spike will have another conversation with Aiden and the Story continues.

7 - Explore the Garden

There is another collectable in the garden area.
In the far right corner next to the pool is a table with three picture frames and a letter.
The collectable is called Letter - Goodbye Letter.

8 - Join Spike on the Terrace

Climb up to the terrace and talk to Spike.

9 - Get to the Radio Antenna

Leave the building towards the bottom left of the terrace. You can exit through the garden gate.
Follow the path down to the water. There is a small house there that you can loot if you like. But there are no Collectables, so it's not really necessary.

Follow the small path past the house uphill to the city bus.
Climb up the bus through the inside. There is a cloth waving in the wind marking the entrance point.
At the top, make your way to the tunnel.

At the tunnel entrance, climb the truck. Avoid the zombies by crossing the tunnel on top of them.

After successfully crossing the tunnel, climb up the metal bars at the other end.
You will get to know some of the parcouring challenges until you reach a zipline. Use it.

At the other end, cross a small cave and learn how to kick-attack someone.

Continue your climb. Learn how to use a swinging rope on the way.

When you level up, you get to learn the jump higher up ability. Now you can use it to climb the higher metal bars.
Now you finally reach a house, just when it's getting dark.

10 - Search for a Safe Place to Sleep

Climb up the drain pipes of the house to get inside.
Once there, look for the red tracks on the floor and investigate them. They will lead you to a piece of furniture you can move aside to get inside the radio room / safe room.

11 - Turn on the Power in the Building

Climb out of the house again and interact with the big red door of the other, smaller building.
A special zombie and its minions will attack you. Now you learn how to dodge.
After the fight, interact with the red door again and turn on the power.

12 - Wait until morning
Go back inside the building and sleep in the Safe House.
In the morning, choose the radio channel 140.200.

13 - Meet the Contact in the Metro Tunnels
Leave the house towards the radio tower and use the zipline at the end.
Enter the church and pick up a collectable that is lying on the altar.
Exit the church and follow the path south where you can jump down onto a matress with a blue X.
From there, jump down into the water and cross the river swimming.

Follow the shoreline on the other side to get to the tunnel entrance.
There, climb the blue truck and use the rope to swing over the tunnel entrance fence.

Enter the tunnel and follow the red.

14 - Find Spike's contact
Follow the yellow marker through the corridors. You can turn the flashlight on without alarming any zombies or enemies.
First, you will encounter a barricade that you have to melee attack to be able to pass through. Then you have to swing the monkey bars.

The door with the contact behind is locked but there is a ventilation shaft you can crawl through.
Then you get to learn the "Perfect Block".

15 Eliminate the Masked Thugs.
After the Perfect Block tutorial, you continue to fight some thugs. After that you get to learn the "Vault Kick".

16 - Check on the Contact / Eliminate the thugs
Talk to your contact and defeat the thugs with Parkour Combat.

17 - Escape with the contact / Escape from Waltz
Talk to your contact again. After the cutscene, follow the quest marker and dive to savety.

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