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The Lost Light - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Find the missing squad.
Go to the quest marker.
It's in an area with yellow housing blocks. When you approach the entrance you will be attacked.

Kill the demolisher and the infected and go to the soldiers. Talk to Demoulin upstairs.

2 - Find the missing supplier unit.
Go to the quest marker in the north of the Lower Dam Ayre Territory.
Defeat the Renegades and investigate the dead body.

3 - Follow the blood trail
Scan the area and follow the red trail to a tall building. Climb up to the roof.

Here you can search a body for another clue.

4 - Find Demoulin's missing squad
Fight the Renegades to reach the lookout tower at the back.

5 - Search the containers for UV lamps
You need to get to the roof of the higher building next to this one.
Walk over the yellow rope and cross the rooms with the Infected to work your way up.

6 - Kill the demolisher on the roof
Climb back up to the roof and kill the demolisher.
Then search the second container and go back to Juan.
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