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The Only Way Out - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Spend time at the Bazaar while waiting to hear from Hakon

Go to the Bazaar at the church. On the map it's the big settlement in the Trinity district.
The church has a main gate but also 2 side entrances.
It has an outside and and inside area. Enter the inside (the church).

2 - Meet the people of the Bazaar

Carlos is the first person you meet. He gives you the "The Spark of Invention" Side Quest.
If you now scan the area you see the people you should talk to in green.

These are:
- Lena, by the ramp near the entrance.
- Urban, the barkeeper
- Julian, shopkeeper at the Veggie Stall. He'll give you the "Cheers!" Side Quest
- Ahab, he's near the shop.

Check out the shop and the craftmaster.

When you're done, exit the church at the main entrance and lock at the wall with the missing people notes.

After you've done this all, leave the Bazaar and spend some time outside of it. Hakon should contact you. If not, go sleep a day and a night and he'll then contact you when you're outside of the Bazaar.

3 - Meet Hakon / Get to the station through the metro tunnels.

As soon as he calls you, meet Hakon southeast from the Bazaar at the Pumpkin Farm Settlement.
After the cutscene, it's night. Don't forget to pick up the Tape Collectible "The City Classifieds - Egg Hunting" on the table.

Go to the marker - the tunnel entrance. It's surrounded by biters. Fight them off and pick the lock to get inside.
Follow the vent to the next big room. Here, you have to quietly cross it to follow the marker.
The torch is not alarming them so you can have it on.
Exit this room through the big gap by the marker that you see on the second screenshot.

In the next room the marker is on the left. Sneak past the sleeping biters and crough underneath the partially open tunnel gate.
Continue your way straight ahead. Make sure to take some UV Shroomz and pick them up on the way. Scan frequently.

At some stage the path forward is blocked. Go to the exit door and pick the lock.
Cross the room and exit through the next door back to the tracks, where you can cross to the next track section.

Cross the next section through the train car. Once you're out, cross the next room through the half open gate by crouching.

Next, go through the train to the next section and from there you can crouch past the zombies underneath the half open tracks gate.

Now you should be in a room with an UV light.
Try to open the door as indicated by the marker. Fight the zombies after the cutscene, then pick the lock of the door.
Then sneak to the ventilation shafts until the quest objective changes.

4 - Open the airlock

Follow the marker to the airlock and push the button.

5 - Talk to Hakon

Exit Main Terminal Station into the hosile environment. Hakon is waiting on the roof of the building at the other side of the road.

6 - Find the brass knuckles thief / Find Hubert Kerbatsos.

Go to the nearby Windmill to find Hubert Kerbatsos. Climb up to the next level to talk to the man there.
After the cutscene, chase Hubert and catch him.

Next, climb up the GRE building roof up through the outside vertical shaft.
Climb up the box on ground level and jump into the shaft.
Hubert will be sitting and waiting at the GRE entrance.

Next, look for Maya.
Reach the marker at the Horseshoe Territory.
Enter the building through the window and climb up one level when you can.
There is the Graffiti Collectible "Lullaby" in this room.
Talk to Maya.

7 - Report to Aitor

Return to the Main Terminal Station Settlement in the Quarry End Territory and talk to Aitor.
Aitor wants you to find Lucas' murderer.

8 - Talk to Hakon / Question Sophie about Lucas.

Hakon is waiting outside of the building. Talk to him.
Then return to the Bazaar to talk to Sophie. But first you have to talk to Carl, the boss of the Bazaar.
Sophie does not trust you so she wants you to Get some work at the Bazaar and earn Sophie's trust.
I chose to do the "Missing Persons" Side Quest from Damien inside the church but you can do any Side Quest in the Bazaar.

9 - Meet Sophie / Ask the craftmasters about the crystals.

After completing a Side Quest for the Bazaar, you can go talk to Sophie again.
Then go talk to the Craftmasters. If they are in a conversation, wait until you get the "Talk" prompt.
Go back to Sophie afterwards and finish the quest.
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