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The Raid - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Meet with Sophie. / Follow the voice.

Go to the marker location and talk to Hermann. You lay down and have a dream, where you have to follow the voice.

2 - Meet with Aitor / Join the Party

Go to the other roof and meet with Aitor. Then, go back to the others.

3 - Ask around to find where Sophie went / Talk to Sophie.

Ask the Craftmasters where Sophie went and go talk to her.

4 - Join Sophie / Spy on the Bandit Camp with binoculars

After the chat with Barney meet Sophie on the other roof again. She asks you to look at the Bandit Camp with the binoculars to see hostiles and access points.

5 - Liberate the camp / Free Carl

Kill all the bandits in the camp and claim the flag.
You can also pick up the Memento "Infected Playing Card - Ace of Hearts - Volatile" in this camp.
You can free Carl after you've liberated the camp.

6 - Go to the Tango Motel / Search the motel.

Rush to the Tango Motel. At the entrance you have the choice to help Sophie or to abandon her. I chose to help her and entered.
There is an Inhibitor chest in the motel. Video Time 35:20
Your goal is to get into the garden, where you can get a Peacekeeper's Walkie Talkie to talk to Aitor.

7 - Defeat the Bazaar folks and go after Barney / Defeat Hermann

Fight the people from the Bazaar and Hermann.

8 - Find a way back to the garden / Get Barney
Weird and good thing that Hakon is here to help you with a ladder...
Climb up and find Barney at one of the upstairs doors. He's behind the locked up / barred room.
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