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The Water Tower - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Get to the Water Tower.

Go to the marker location  of the Water Tower.

2 - Find and disarm the explosives.

Enter the Water Tower on the ground floor. You have to pick the lock.
The first explosive is right here.

Climb up one level at the back of the room.
Outside, you can climb up some boxes, turn around and climb higher up.

Walk around until you see a climb spot with yellow cloth. Climb up here.
Then use the bars to climb higher up.

You should reach a platform with a ladder you can drop down in case you fall down, and a door with a barricade that you can melee to get through.
Inside, you'll find the second explosive.

To get one level up, climb up the big pillar in the center of the room and jump on the window to get out.
From here you can climb to a small tower. Here, you can drop down the ladder again.

From the ladder, look up. You can climb through this window.
Go through the green door to get to the third explosive.

3 - Climb to the top of the Water Tower / Get the water flowing again

First, don't forget to pick up the Inhibitor in this room.
Then, climb up using the yellow bars on the wall in this room.

Melee the barricaded window and get out.
Now you can jump the hanging cage and get up from there.

Interact with the barricaded window to get inside.
Decide if you want to fight or negotiate.

Before turning on the water, don't forget to pick up the Tapes Collectable "Tourism Office of Villedor - Horseshoe" in this room.
Now you can activate the facility and decide which faction will get it. I picked Bazaar.

4 - Search Barney's hideout for evidence / Defeat Barney.

Get to the Motel and pick the lock. Then search Barney's room. Investigate the stereo...

Move away the board at the back of the room and you will find the important piece on the floor.
Then, fight Barney.

5 - Wait for Sophie's call / Meet her at the Bazaar.

Meet Sophie back at the Bazaar after she called you.
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