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Veronika - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Search the Bazaar.

Go to the Bazaar and talk to Barney at the medical area at the back.
He will tell you Veronika's location.

2 - Go to the hideout at Courtesan Row Street.

Get to the marked location and climb one level down.

Pick the lock, get inside and fight the Renegades. Then pick the lock of the door to free Vincenzo.
Don't forget the collectable on the counter.

3 - Meet Veronika near the dam.

Veronica is waiting at the base of the dam. There is a little control room.
There is a Collectable right next to her.

4 - Get through the chemicals to the Observatory entrance / Get inside

Run through the chemicals to the wall between the two domes. There is a climb up point. Parcour your way inside the first dome.
From here you can jump over to the second dome and from there you can reach the inside.

Climb your way up to the top of the second tower and use the hatch to get inside.

5 - Go to the B Block

You can use the UV Flashlight to avoid the Infected. But I see it as opportunity to collect Upgrade Trophies...
Follow the path down to the bottom of the stairs.

6 - Restore Power to the building

Enter the big, two leveled, open room. Pick the look at the door downstairs to continue.
Climb up the ladder in the next room.

Red Generator 1 is up here. Green Generator 1 is on the other side. Get over there and return with the cable to connect it to Red Generator 1.

7 - Join Veronika by the elevator.

You can now open all the (before) locked doors and go see Veronika.
You're then taking the elevator down with her.

8 - Restore the Power in Block C

Jump up to the openings in the ceiling and crouch to the other room on the other side of the shut door.

You can now push the button to open the door back to Veronika / Green Generator A.
Look for the room with the open gap, where you can get inside.

Climb up to the ceiling from here and crouch through the vent to get inside the room where Red Generator A is.
Push the button at the door, get Green Generator A's cable and connect it to Red.
Return to Veronika.

9 - Go to the Central Database

Follow Veronika and talk to her so she opens the door.
To unlock the door, go to the Room that is labeled "Armory" and use the little red console inside at the back.

The door back to Veronika is now locked. Climb up to the ceiling where the yellow pipes are, through the ventilation shaft into the other room. The Canteen.

Pull off the ventilation shaft's cover to get out of the canteen to meet Veronika in her former office.

10 - Find a blocker

Find a blocker before time is running out.
Climb up the ladder. From here, follow the yellow path on the floor (yellow floor boards).
Jump from there onto a yellow monkey bar lamp. From there onto the big monitor cylinder in the center of the room.
Climb to the right until you can jump into the open corridor.
The blocker is in the medicine box behind the door.

11 - Defend Veronika from Waltz's Renegades / Find Veronika

Defeat the Renegades that show up, then climb the same way back into the room where you took the blocker.
Scan and follow Veronika's tracks.
Get into the elevator shaft and climb up until you can enter the elevator.
Veronika is through the door.

12 - Run away from Waltz / Defeat Waltz

Run away from Waltz until you're outside again. Then fight him.
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