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X13 - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Find the Tunnel entrance / Enter the tunnel

After the fight with the Renegades, find the tunnel entrance. This is a hard task since the area is full of dust. Best is, to open the map and set a waypoint near the quest marker.

2 - Get to X13

Follow the broken highway to X13.
Cross the tunnel and the mountainous area to get there.
At the building, get in through the collapsed highway.

3 - Wait for Lawan / Join Lawan

Follow the doors with the green buttons. - Straight forward!

4 - Find Waltz / Kill Waltz

After a fight with the Renegades, and going back to Lawan, escape the Volatiles.
You end up in a lab that Aiden remembers from the past.
You can complete the X13 Mementos Set in this area. There are 8 collectables spread in the rooms here. Scan often.
Then, follow the red tracks and the green button doors to find Waltz.
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